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“A Celebrar” is a song born out of nature between mothers, fathers, teenagers and elderly from all across the Island of Puerto Rico. In the months following Hurricane Maria a multitude of Puerto Rican’s from all walks of life volunteered hundreds of hours to write, sing, play and record this therapeutic song of positivity.

A 19 year old young man from Aguada (Gabriel Alejandro) wrote and sings the 1st verse and bridge, a 15 year old girl from Cayey (Mia Jordana Nieves) wrote and sings the second verse, a family from Moca (The Medina Family) wrote and sings the Chorus, an elderly Choir from Caguas (Coro Bautista de Caguas) sings in the end along with Isreal Medina Velazquez who wrote and sings lead in the finale. And that’s not all, nearly 100 other contributors partook in the creative process. The song became so beautiful that we were able to get the famous Astra Studio’s to open their doors for free and bring all of the contributors from around the Island to come sing and record their own written parts on the track. Everyone working entirely volunteer for the love and healing of expression.

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