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The Goodness Tour: Music and Art for People Facing Adversity is a nonprofit dedicated to providing psychosocial support through revolutionary art-based projects that focus on trauma release, self-empowerment, and community building worldwide. Often in cases of extreme trauma creativity is oppressed, but it cannot be extinguished. The Goodness Tour creates a safe and trusting environment where the flame of creativity is reignited and utilized as a powerful tool for healing. Psychosocial support is essential for people facing extreme adversity. Together we can continue to offer the benefits of creative therapy throughout the darkest places on this planet, and create the world we wish to live in.

The Goodness Tour’s A Celebrar Project, that shared transformational moments of creativity with hundreds of people across the island of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017, is now devoted to raising funds to support ‘Off Grid Relief’, a grassroots organization that delivers and installs solar power systems to homes that are still without electricity on the island. To bring light back into the lives of those still in the dark, donate to “A Celebrar – Solar for Puerto Rico”.

If you wish to support music and art for people facing adversity directly donate to “The Goodness Tour”. Provide the opportunity for former child-soldiers to hold a paintbrush for the first time in their life! Open the door for survivors of human trafficking to write their very first song. Help us to continue spreading the healing gifts of music and the colors of love worldwide!

For years these projects have been self-funded, and now we invite others to feel the internal warmth and love of giving to such a special cause as well! All your support is greatly appreciated.

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The Goodness Tour

Donate to A Celebrar - Solar for Puerto Rico

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