Luc Reynaud

Glen Shackley

Gerry Weber

Gerry was one of the first people that we met when arriving on the island.  His hospitality and giving spirit helped with every aspect of the project; logistics, finances, networking, lodging, transportation, and countless hours of volunteer assistance.  


Musician Team

  • Flamenco Guitar: Juan Carlos
  • Guitars, Bass: Randall Medina

Alberto Nazario

Owner of Ostra Cosa Restaurant in Old San Juan, Alberto helped guide the creative process, assisting with logistics, participating in early writing sessions and leading us to connections that were instrumental to the project's completion.


Sheila Rios

Sheila quickly became an integral part of the creation of A Celebrar, connecting the team to local musicians, helping with logistics, and even helping write and sing.  As an art teacher at Benjamin Harrison School in Cayey, she opened her classroom multiple times to facilitate writing sessions.

Caguas Choir

The “Coro Bautista De Caguas” sings as the choir in the finale of the song during the traditional outro.

Marcello Medina

Marcelo Medina Velazquez of Moca, Puerto Rico is the original singer who spawned the creation of the song A Celebrar.  The founding lines of the chorus were born in a classroom in Moca, during a Goodness Tour music and art class.  Marcelo’s brother Isreal later helped write the final chorus and sings in the outro of the song.

Randy Medina

Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Randall Medina, arrived in the project for the final recording sessions of the song, to offer his incredible musical talent and creativity.  Multiple nights were spent, sleepless in the studio with his wife Damaris, patiently encouraging the production of the song.  

Francisco Zamora

Francisco Zamora, television personality and owner of the famous Astra Studios opened his doors to be an instrumental part in the entire process of song creation, public relations, and logistics.